Our Story

In a humble workshop where the smell of raw, ethically-sourced leather filled the air, a band of young craftsmen came together, united by a shared passion. The dream was simple - to create high-quality, beautiful, and durable leather goods that wouldn't break the bank. And so, Wasahi was born.

We started with meticulously crafted leather jackets and office bags, each a testament to our commitment to quality, and our appreciation of the small details that elevate a product from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

But our vision went beyond our workshop walls. We wanted to disrupt the market - to show that impeccable craftsmanship and premium quality shouldn't be exclusive to the privileged few. We believed in a world where anyone could experience the elegance of handcrafted leather, where affordability didn't mean a compromise on style or durability.

As we explored new techniques, and as we pushed the boundaries of our craft, a thought struck us - why not shoes? A man's shoe, after all, is a statement of his personality, his style, and his commitment to quality. Thus, the idea of our handcrafted leather shoes was born - a perfect blend of formality and casual style, of timeless appeal and modern sensibility.

Today, we're excited to introduce Wasahi Craft 01 and Wasahi Craft 02, our new shoe lines, a testament to our vision. Handcrafted, stylish, durable, and most importantly, affordable. This is our bid to rewrite the norms, to challenge the status quo, and to make the luxury of artisanal leather shoes accessible to all.

Our story is not just about creating beautiful leather goods. It's a story of passion, craftsmanship, and a deep-seated love for a tradition that spans generations. But most importantly, it's a story about breaking barriers, about opening doors, about redefining what's possible.

Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our journey. Discover the timeless beauty and unmatched comfort of handcrafted leather shoes. Embrace quality without the hefty price tag. This is Wasahi - redefining craftsmanship, one step at a time.